27 Mei 2009

Enjoy Grapes I love this fruit. They are simply a result you need more, I mean, who is already eating 1 and satisfied. With the credit crisis and the costs increase, buying the grapes can be very expensive. But this is a very versatile fruit compliments to Your 5 recommended servings of fruit a day. If your purchase of grapes, to ensure that they are fresh and plump. They must be of uniform color, no brown spots, and should not drop out of the trunk, but after pulling the yield easily. Before them, you should eat, wash thoroughly in cold water and store unwashed in a clear plastic bag or container, separate from other fruits and vegetables. A good place to put it in your drawer in your refrigerator. When you are ready to eat, rinse with cold water and drain before serving. If they get in this way you can keep for longer. What is ideal, if I am buying large quantities. As I said, I'm a very versatile fruit, they can be cut in half and add to your salad, mix in the yogurt, in cereal and use it too. They also have a tasty snack eaten when frozen. To freeze your grapes, first you must wash and dry by patting with a towel from the kitchen. Thus, a single layer of them on a baking tray and into your freezer. Verify that it is indeed your drawer front. If they are frozen solid pack in airtight freezer bags. If you pack into small freezer bags, if you fancy a snack, you can pull out one of its small grants and Munch away. Plus did you know that: -A cupful of red or green grapes contains only 90 - 100 calories -Two new reports suggest that substances called Anthocyanins and Proanthocyanidins, the Concord grape juice for its richness of color, can prevent the growth of tumors in the breast cancer. The same pigment can also prevent short-term memory loss. -A new study finds animal antioxidants called polyphenols in grapes, the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas and to prevent type 1 diabetes. -compounds in grape seeds offer protection against sun-related skin cancer. -Are free fatty -SATURATED FAT -Sodium-free -cholesterol-free

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