Five health reduce colestrol

04 Mei 2009

Colestrol is danger this five minus colestrol for all friends One. Strong motivation. You must be sure that you can certainly reduce your body weight. Although many temptations, but you must remember that at this time you are in the process lose weight. Two. Many eating and regular consumption of fiber. Fiber is very important to ensure that the body remains healthy. Fiber that we eat day to day work to help lower cholesterol and facilitate the evacuation channel digestion. Fiber can also accelerate the feeling of satiety so naturally reduce the portion of food that is not useful. Three. Avoid foods that contain saturated fat. Foods that contain high saturated fat will only damage the process of your body weight reduction. Four. Sports. Adjust exercise that you select with the condition of your body. One sports a healthy, inexpensive and can be done by all the people are walking. Sports not only lose weight but you also make your body healthier. Five. Drinking enough. Some nutrition experts say that with enough to drink then you will be protected from excessive eating. It is advisable to drink water 6 to 8 glasses a day. Health your blogging

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