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13 Mei 2009

Internet Addiction There is so much to do on the Internet! In fact, you almost everything online - shop, socialize, play, learn, look, speak. More and more people spend more and more time surfing the Web. People who do not have a computer in use, until recently, I suddenly wake up to the comfort that you have so much to see. There is no doubt that what has changed our lives as the Internet. Almost everything can be done in real life, you can use on-line today. This is handy when it is snowing and you do not want companies outside or you can get some "gas by shopping on-line or your family and friends around the world and the communication is on-line the easiest and cheapest way to contact to stay. But for some, piece by piece, your virtual life sometimes their "real" life and are now on-line output to the computer every day. From business people who are constantly e-mail to children, with each time of day, the Internet plays a central role in our lives. And if you are not careful, can become an unhealthy compulsion that is hard to control. Experts suggest that children who grow in line suffers from a lack of social skills, the ability to solve problems, the overweight have a shorter attention, and usually does not lead to a healthy lifestyle, while sitting for hours in front of a computer screen. This is a real addiction and already, therapists, clinics, books, self-help groups and service providers Addiction diving everywhere. How do I know if someone is addicted to the Internet? Internet addiction is a difficult problem to recognize in oneself or in others, because the Internet has become such a system, every day from all of our lives at work and at home. In addition, most people do not realize that it is also possible to be addicted to the Internet. The Web is not a drug- you can tell, a priori, any use is bad. It is not a game where you can say that someone has a problem when the custom began in her bank account. We all use the Internet. We shop for airline tickets, pay for, write to friends, reading, videos, etc., but for some, the Internet is so much time in their lives that one day, they are practically in line with life. Compulsive use of the Internet is characterized by a difficulty to limit time online. Some common problems are detected internet online gambling, porn addiction and online shopping too much. Special pages are also aware that problems - "eBay addiction" is actually more an addiction to the site and their activities at the shops. Pathological Internet use can cause many serious problems: -Gambling and online shopping obsession can lead to financial problems. -Spending too much time online can cause social and health problems. -Viewing online porn can be easily done in a compulsive behavior that ruins relationships. Internet addiction can be cured. First, in fact, to a compulsive disorder, families and individuals should take responsibility and place rules and limits for the use of the Internet in their homes. Install a web filter, easy to define precisely the area that you block certain Web pages or the content, control of the activities that can be done on-line and on-line to a timetable to limit when and how long the Internet can be accessed. A Web filtering is a software solution that you install and run on your computer. It can be a quick and easy way to create a problem that is only at the beginning or help a compulsive addict severe limit his Internet activity

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