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11 Mei 2009

Tips to Help You Feel Better Bad news seems to be days when it is present. Optimistic and remain optimistic in difficult times can be challenging, even if in possession of an optimist. Why is it so hard to stay positive? In reality, there are genetic reasons. Unfortunately, our brain is negative thinking, or expecting the worst, to protect us from danger. Before I tried to change the subject, but that does not work, so I decided to more directly and suggested we talk about something positive for change. You can guess what the response was. "There is something positive to talk about. The government has screwed up; the economy is screwed up, screwed up people. There is nothing positive to talk about." In that moment I knew the situation was, rather hope people will be futile exercise that I was only weaken more, I finally just let them wander and I tried to tune out. When I have a house then reprogrammed my mind with a list of 10 things I love in my life and positive thinking to listen to a CD. Here are tips to help you feel better and to grow in challenging times. -Make a list of 10 short and long-term goals and revise the list in time for sleep. - do some exercise. -Starting gratitude journal and make at least one entry per day. -Donate time or money to a charity. -Make a list of ten good in your life. -Focus on the positive, not negative. -Avoid excessive media. -Doing things that pops up. -Hang around with the optimists. -Create an intention of something you want - a new job, a new car, a significant other. Please see the list again and choose at least three recommendations that are committed to implement in the period. Avoid the bad news that cannot control, and focus on positive thoughts of food, the emancipation of the information.

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