True Leadership

26 Mei 2009

True Leadership Why so much struggle with the question of leadership? One reason that many popular ideas about what makes a strong leader are based on the legend of reality. Leadership is the ability to influence people in order to get the problem. Meanwhile true that some people have a natural ability to conduct successfully than others, the leadership can be learned and developed from time to time. Both 'natural' leaders, not their ability to develop less often exceeded their natural ability to put time and effort necessary to become effective leaders. Charisma is not a prerequisite for a successful leader. Indeed, many leading companies such as 3M, Gillette and Sony have been built by the timid and self-driving. It is not necessary to have a certain personality or a certain size, shape, age, sex or cultural leaders to become successful. The two most important features is a leading personal and professional integrity. Both are necessary to earn the trust and respect, in general, what the fundamental right to define leadership. Leadership is not about other resources for training. Good leaders see their role as development of a vision that all people who want to work towards. They set a clear direction, with ambitious goals, provide resources and create the environment that allows people to make a valuable contribution. Effective leaders do not pursue self-interest or to dominate others - that focus on what you do best for society and its people. You do not need a title or a high degree of being a leader. You can be the receptionist and show leadership in your work. In reality, large firms are those where leadership is encouraged and rewarded at all levels. In these companies, individuals everywhere take responsibility for making extraordinary things happen. True leadership is not easy - is one of the most challenging and exciting role you will ever have. Be encouraged, but anyone can become a better leader and each person is called to be a leader in several ways.

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