Correlation between original content with google page rank

06 Juni 2009

Correlation between original content with google page rank
As long make money online business is still alive, then page rank will always be a hot issue for blogger. We all can`t denied if we are not a popular blogger, page rank will become the key to enter the make money online program. Many of us thought that if we have a blog with 100% original content, the page rank will grow higher. These Opinions are not 100% correct, but also not 100% wrong.
So far Google only officially released, that the only factors they rank one blog or site based on relevance and quality back link. Then, what is the relationship between Original content to the page rank?
Original content is not always come from a new idea. For example, content about mother day, many blogger will write about mother day to celebrate it. But with a different writing style, content will be original content. Original content can make your page rank grow if your content attract other blogger who want to copy it and give the link source to your blog.

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