08 Juni 2009

Sale Investors The first question is usually not about the investors' greed, but about how they are screwing the homebuyer. Brokers claim that they have the right to the best deal possible clients. I like that. That is what they should do. The problem is what they can handle themselves, not what is best for the investor, accounting, or experienced negotiators and integral knowledge of how short selling works. Therefore, while investors short sales offer discounts can be received on time (as most buyers or relocating or moving the previous place of residence and only a few months out of the window to search for a new place to live) the buyer must be eligible for this discount. If the real estate agent and I do not fault them for not becoming an expert in short sale negotiations, negotiations will be between 3 and 12 months and will result in a higher number of short sales. Thus, the buyer pays more. Of course, this is not an error agent, they are paid less than the full commission, and they have to do two jobs. In addition, I did not find buyers who want something less. A good deal, will involve around the house is less than it is worth, right? Therefore, they seek to benefit directly when buying a house, no different from what the investor is trying to do. If they do not try to make money for the purchase / investment, they satisfied with what they feel the price is reasonable. However, this does not happen. Second error is that greedy investors that it "screws" of the moneylender. This is only a problem because the taxpayer money that they want. I can tell you that, if no other investors that the dollar a short sale, the bank all the money to them. In addition, to return them to lend, and they rarely help Homeowners living in the property for more than a year. Do not forget that a same person who developed "subprime loans" and "predatory lending" to more money in the economy seems flawless. Loan = greedy. Last complaint is greedy investors, short sales is that they can benefit from the owner. Homeowner has no choice as only a short sale of their property from foreclosure and save their property. The best chance of getting a short sale is completed using the experience of a professional who understand the process and specializes in negotiating short sales. This is not a broker. Maybe a lawyer, but if the owner cannot pay their mortgage that they get money to pay for them? Even a lawyer would not negotiate a short sale as effective as an investor would. The second part of this argument is the lacks Homeowner expose investors to a larger ruling. If the bank go after the debtor / Homeowner gifts for their lack of first is a reasonable belief that the debtor has money to pay. If they would just waste money on court, costs and lawyers (not free). Although the loan, the lack thereof, which is always a piece of a lack of, much less as a short sale than in foreclosure and REO sales later. In addition, if you do not experience negotiator you may never know whether a house should be sold through short sales. Moreover, do not forget, most short sale investor remove itself from the transaction if there is not enough margin between what they negotiate and what the buyer will pay. You really cannot lose if you are a Homeowner, unless you have experienced negotiator, short sale or over-worked and under-paid agent for your short sales and you do not successfully negotiate a short sale of your home to foreclosure.

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