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01 Juli 2009

Blogging Business If you are new to blogging, you have to do research before starting the first blog to make sure you do not make common mistakes made by most of the bloggers when they were new to the blog. Here are basic outline should do when you start a blog. You can choose to write about some topic, or focus on specific themes, each with its own pros and cons. writing on some topics that are interesting to a broader range of readers, but you can disrupt some of the reader each time you change the topic. On the other hand, if you focus on a particular topic, you can attract a certain group is due to a particular topic has been written about. If you are blogging for fun, the writing on most topics is not very important as you do for fun. However, if you write for the sake of traffic to your business, then your blog should be more focus on issues related to your business so you can drive the most targeted web traffic to increase activity. After a set of arguments, the next step is to understand what is best for your system. There are many systems available blog that you can use to start a blog, in between the Google-owned Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Drupal. Each system has a blogging feature that can benefit, you must do research to find one that best fit with the personality. While you can use a free blog, but if you plan to drive serious traffic web, and buying the right domain name is very important. You must put some effort in finding the right domain name for your blog makes it different when it comes to search engine optimization. Good domain name must integrate with the main keywords so that search engine friendly. In front of your blog is important to give a good first impression for new visitors and bring them back to your blog in the future. If you are driving traffic to a moneymaking website, then the blog template you choose should match the look of your website in term of colors and fonts.You can select one of the designers to adjust the model, or to get a prompt professional model available at a fraction of the cost or even free. Most of internet surfers land on a page through search engines. In addition, receive traffic from the ads and links from other sites; you do not want to waste the potential free traffic from search engines. Therefore, you should make your blog into a search engine as possible. Blog after the book title, the image tag in between the main area, you must focus and integrate the key in these areas, so you can get a good position for your targeted keywords. In addition, when writing blog posts, you must use the keyword or keyword phrase you wish to have at least 5 to 10 times in the post on the blog. Link to enter or backlinks from other websites / blogs in a blog is an important factor that determines the position of a blog search engine. Therefore, after you create your blog, the next important thing to do is get as many backlinks may be from another blog or website. There are many ways to get links to other sites to your blog, among the article directories for article comments, write a comment on another blog, and ask questions about a web site like Yahoo Answers, to get the links from sites such as YouTube social network, Facebook, MySpace and twitter. Following the steps below will help you reach your blog to the level of success faster; avoid common mistakes made by most bloggers.

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