Organisational behavior

05 Juli 2009

Organisational behavior It's all about employee and employers'relation Hiring employees -an important factor for organizational behavior Recruitment process depends upon the perception of the interviewers as what they want an individual to be like. They mostly choose employees who don't have unfavorable characteristics rather than a person with favorable characteristics. Some people choose based upon the halo effect which is the general impression on a people based on a single characteristic.Thus they interviewers selection basis is inaccurate as they are just perceptual judgments on an individual. Performance expectation from an individual also plays a major role in one's behavior. It is based self fulfilling prophecy which has a direct impact on individual's organizational behavior. Thus the expectation of the employer should be high enough to get popular in the society as the employer's expectations make the employees more active and hence the outcome. Performance appraisal is one of the main areas which the fresher will concentrate for future progress in their career. The performance evaluation is based on two measures-objectives or subjective. The objective measures are purely based on the outcome of employee's work whereas the subjective measures are based on the behavior of individual in an organization. Mostly the performance evaluation is mostly subjective. Thus hiring process of an employee forms the basis of organizational success.

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