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12 September 2009

Change is difficult to define. Some changes, such as weight loss or sale of a house on the market today seem a very long time (to take or at least that's what it feels like). Other changes take place immediately, irreversibly, as the loss of a loved one. Many people are uncomfortable with change. You continue to try things, to prevent the inevitable. One of my grandmothers had the same hairstyle for 40 years in the same house, lived so long, dressed in a similar way, had many friends who went to the same church, and bought the same supermarket. She did not know how to change. All this gave him a sense of security. It worked okay for them, but they never advanced beyond what it was 40 years ago. Not maintain membership in the ancient world safer, but some familiarity is more than enough to do that.
The world is in a constant state of change - weather, temperature, time, seasons, life, death, rebirth... There is nothing we can do to change them and cons-productive and the defeat of what we can do to keep the work against change.
Now in my late forties, I am in personal development and professional to me. These changes are unpleasant and scary but exciting at the same time. I'm busy this fear and excitement. The growth comes change, and I'm all about growth.
We change to the New Year and now it is time to assess what should be in your life. Earlier this year I wrote about resolutions. Decisions will be a good idea. I like the clean slate that can bring the New Year. But there is no timetable for change and unexpected clean slate to start any time at all. Life is not running on schedule. Things happen without our consent. The management of this anxiety is really the key to a fulfilling life.
If you're one of the many people with fear of change, then this is for you, a new start, a chance to stop stealing yourself the opportunities you with a small risk.
Understand that your resistance to change quite emotional. The emotional resistance may be difficult to overcome, but it may well happen. Emotions are choices, and we can choose fear, or we have the chance to accept, and then pressing. Truly understanding our emotions, decisions, has something of a revelation for me. It gives me a great sense of relief and freedom; I choose to feel in life.
Let us take the trouble, a general feeling of fatigue, and this requires us to really push more. Did I hear someone say the other day: "I really wish I wanted to quit smoking?" This person is under way to quit smoking? No way. Motivation is certainly a great role. Some may receive the bill for fear of losing something precious to them (their lives, their families) their work. Others are afraid of the unknown. Both are valid, but only rarely regret things we've tried, and often what we are trying too, was afraid.

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