Pesonal money

12 September 2009

Money reinforces the impression that you yourself, which means that money can be enriched to another person and destroyed.
You've probably just when I fell into the trap that money will solve everything in life. Of course, money is very good, but it can not be solved major problems that every individual can and must contribute.
I've read every day about rock stars, top models, professional athletes and entrepreneurs in the world who earn as much money as possible, but very bad and disastrous relationships. I think that the average marriage between the stars in Hollywood take less than two years, when the promised eternal loyalty to each other during the ceremony. Is this what we want? This is not for me anyway.
Ideally, we would have a choice, we want to live in balance, while earning much money. And you want to keep all the money, then you can be sure of the surplus to charity.
What most people know that money is power, in exchange for the purchase and sale. In a market economy and get paid for the value you contribute to another person or company. The higher the value, the more money, whatever the product or service.
That is the reason why there is so much money to be made, such as drug trafficking. But never forget that the negative energy lies in the amount of money. There are currently about anyone who destroys the lives and quality of life, more than drug dealers. The live quality of the drugs is probably not the best, even though that seems on the surface of their success and money.
So the foundation is to create a balance. To create a real self-esteem, where a person lives and considering what it has to give, but without the essential things. With a good bit of self-appreciation get exciting life with and without money. Once self-valuation is the place where it should be, it's time to make a great success in various fields. You will only reinforce your positive feelings you with the help of economic freedom.
Individuals with the balance in your life a lot of money is small, but they are all around us. If you have money, but not self-valuation? Dan is the obvious way to correct this with the support and understanding. You can never be a solution to the negative energy that is earned money in the wrong direction.
Do not be fooled by the superficial Hollywood stars shine show where success and personal charm, because many of them are in their empty souls and take pills, drink alcohol and drugs to their anxiety and keep. But this is not a solution.

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