08 September 2009

The media often has us believe that there is only one definition of success and success on the Securities - big car, big house, etc. But I found that people often achieve material success, but their success is not necessarily in their internal happiness and satisfaction a feeling that on purpose, that they seek.
Do not get me wrong, that material goods are certainly a part of success, but it is part of a general definition.
Last week I read an article about Keith book as the movie "The Dark Night" is currently playing in theaters. Although this young man has ceased to exist on the demand in the newspaper whether this young man lived a successful life, because he lived life fast and short life - his story is shortened.
I believe that success is for everyone, and only you can determine what it is for you. If you live on purpose, doing something that brings you happiness, as something that you feel fulfilled and satisfied, it is me that they in fact live a successful life.
How did you about your daily routine, if you wanted to change to be more successful - the first to find out what you want the final result. What is your heart sing? What gives you the energy to get? If you worry about the time and money - what is one thing that you want to do on a daily basis, because this is what you and you get a passion?
Once you know what it is and actually willing to admit that to yourself, know that in fact your life according to the design and feature you for a successful man or woman. Perhaps the characteristics of dormant for a while, but you can revive. You can always sharpen their skills. It is never too late.
You have everything in your life to live, you will have the satisfaction and fulfillment, and that you define your success.
The next time Free Reprint Articles, take a few moments to get clear what you want and what is important to you. I know that is a bad definition of success. Success is what it is to you!

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