Most Common Mistakes Made While Selecting A Wedding Photographer

15 Maret 2010

Once in a life you get an opportunity to get married and this is one of the most special moments in every bride's life. So they spend a lot of money in wedding dress, halls, church, reception, drinks, and foods etc for making this occasion a grand and memorable. But in most of the cases they don't think too much about the photographer they have hired for the entire coverage of their wedding and this is where they make a big mistake.
The photos and videos which of our wedding are always an asset and they are the only source through which we can live those moments again in future. So if they don't turn out to be well as we expected then it's really a biggest loss not only in terms of money but also in terms of cherished memories. A good professional photographer knows very well to capture those moments and expressions which you face during your wedding and this are the most cherished moments you can ever seen in future. So this one mistake should be avoided if you are planning to get married.
Secondly, in most of the cases I have seen that people hire the photographers recommended by their friends or family members. They don't even think twice before hiring such photographers whether they are really capable of producing some good photographs. You just meet them on recommendations and fix the charges and call them on the main day. You should make sure that you check the works of the photographers before hiring them. check whether they have a good rapport with you so that they can work upon your wishes on how you want your photos.
Then the next common mistake which people make is that they try to change the photographer's style of working completely. It's good to place your opinion about how you want your photos to look, but never expect them to change their style of working. If you don't like their way of working then it's appreciate their work and move on to the next person rather than spoiling your day.
Check the attitude and personality of the person you are hiring as a photographer because ultimately he is the one who is going to work with you on your special day. So you don't want to ruin your day if both of you and your photographer's personality don't match well. Check your comfort level with that person when you are checking out their works. After all you don't want a stranger to enter your wedding and ruin everything up.
Make sure you discuss each and every minute details of your wedding like which all are the important people for you and how well they should be considered while clicking photos.

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