09 April 2010

Zodiac signs are a belief that particular
timeperiods like twelve months of the year or
thecycles of the moon have special value and
can beused for the prediction of life and fortunes
or aperson who is born in the time period or
thatsign. Astrologists are those people who
study thesigns and they usually do it for several
years forhaving an insight of the meanings
behind thezodiac. During ancient times even
before the human race star ted in villages and
before writing wasinvented, the ability to predict
the passage or themoon, Sun and other objects
in the sky was mai nly useful because the only
way wasmemorizing the positions of the stars
and planetsin relation to the Moon for predicting
thechanging or seasons, determining their path
andposition and appeasing the gods who
wereconstantly inconsistent against each other
andsometimes against people. the stars and
planets are seen in modern timesas celestial
objects having mass and their ownorbits rather
than religious. Toolbox concept, the value ofthe
ancien t's observations should not bediscounted
as they were the ones who made thefirst
calculations and calendars that are still in
usetoday for tracking movements or outer
spaceobjects. The need for predicting other
celestialobjects like comets helped in base for the
modernastronomy .as early axis around
6000-7000 years back, theMesopotamian priests
or the summer valley usedto track the
movements of the Moon, Venus, andthe sun in
relation with the stars as they appearedduring
the year. The Moon, Venus and soonwere
considered as gods and their path in thespace
was used for indicating the changingseasons,
the winter and the summer solstices. The
pattern of the stars were not or
extremeimportance, Toolbox concept the events
like shootingstars were considered as a sign of
good luck Oras, Eastern Samar a sign or doom-
dependent action on thep ries t's reading at that
time The passage. of the Sun was used by the
Indianastronomers in Vedic times for
understanding thechanging or seasons and the
sun was identifiedwith Vishnu who was said to
have three aspects, the bull, the lion and the
RAM. They werecoincidently the symbols that
continued into theshifting political scenery or
India and Near Eastduring the reign or Alexander
the great. The ancient Egyptians were the first to
identifysigns relating to the individual in the stars
passageof the Moon, Sun and other outer space
objects to the records, the astrologers as earlyas
2, 750 BC wrote horoscopes for
prominentpeople or Egyptian society. Toolbox
concept, they werenot based on zodiac signs
hence they are notdirect ancestors of the
horoscope readings oftoday. during the 1300 BC
or earlier, perhaps theAssyrian people in the
Near East started gainingpower and control of
the region and conqueredmost or their
neighboring territories. They noticedthat the
more they travelled further away fromhome, the
stars in the always remained the same, perhaps
a bit lower or higher in the space butwere
essentially the same. This led to thedevelopment
or constellations, this was an actthat made more
precise calendars. Somesymbols for their
constellation were borrowed bythem from their
own religion and from thelegends of the
Assyrians conquered people. The
eighteenconstellations but originally had been
reduced to only twelve by thetime or Alexander
the great. The knowledge brought ofthe
Babylonian constellations was backby the Greek
warriors to the ancient Greecewhose priests
found them as a superb addition totheir existing
knowledge or God. Theconstellations or
Babylonian zodiac were twelve – Capricornus,
Pisces, Aquarius, Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo,
Spica, Beehive Cluster, Pleiades, Geminiand
Aries. The Greek astrologers changed the names
ofCapricornus, Spica, and Beehive Cluster
Pleiades toCapricorn, Virgo, Taurus and Cancer.
Thesenames have stayed till today. Every
constellationwas assigned to a god or hero has a
specialimportance related to each zodiac sign
dependingon the magic or strengths of the sake
of its particular. The birth of a person had
enormous importancefor Greeks. With the new
constellations, thestrengths or person at birth
was now possible tod eter mine, this would
perhaps prepare theirparents it was hoped that
the individual would beaware or the challenges
ahead by knowing whichgod or hero would be
their protector. The Greekslater started believing
that a person's life wasalready ofhoroscopes
ordained and the knowledge could help in
predicting every majorevent. The modern
astrology revived mostly from thewritings or
Ptolomy who was a Greekastronomer and tic
ian. We don't knowany relation or it to the
Egyptian pharoahs or thesame name. Toolbox
concept he was the head of the librarianat
Alexandria's great library and has access toevery
writings of the civilized world on thepassage of
the outer space objects. TheTetrabiblos was his
fourth volume work onastrology which
explained every detail about theastronomy
known to the ancient Greeks. The succeeding
Arabic and Roman knowledge ofastronomy
directly came from the writings ofPtolemy. The
Romans were not too muchinterested in
astronomy than the medieval peopleand the
Greeks, they tended to disagree that ape rso
Gilligan's life was already ordained and
theyinstead preferred to place their fate in the
hands ofgods and their own actions. when the
Roman Empire fell, the medievalsociety reverted
to local folklore and the astrologywas lost to the
western society until laterPtolomy's writings
were rediscovered by theArab world around the

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