Motorola Atrix

07 Juli 2011

You are probably scouring the whole web for a quick review of the Atrix 4G, the newest kid on the block from Motorola. This is an Android powered phone that measures 2.5 inches wide and about 4.63 inches in length. First look on the phone and you will notice how thin it is. At 0.43 inches thick, it is indeed very close to the thickness of the popular iPhone 4. On initial feel, you will note that the phone is a bit on the heavy side but it adds to the overall sturdy build at 4.8 ounces. The Motorola Atrix is a 4 inch display phone that has a resolution of 960 x 540 which translates to better rendered pages when browsing. It has enough luminance that the pages are bright and clear unlike the painfully rendered pages of past smart phones. However, when allowed to sit side to side with the iPhone 4 or even the HTC Inspire 4G, you will unfortunately see some grainy effect. But for most users this will not bother them, its just that for nitpickers, this is definitely something that will be noticed.

Running the Motorola Atrix on a benchmark tool such as the Quadrant has yielded a jaw dropping score of 2530 which is a number not to be scoffed at. Indeed the power of dual core has its advantages. At present, the Atrix 4G uses Android's Froyo and not the updated Gingerbread but it more than makes up with it because this phone is a social media addict's friend thanks to MotoBlur. MotoBlur gives the users the freedom to manage widgets for social media interaction and even resize them as they are deemed fit. The bundled apps with the Atrix 4G will keep most busy and productive on the sides.

With respect to the camera function of the Motorola Atrix, it uses a 5MP lens with automatic LED flash. The image output with the Atrix is superb even in low light condition. Video recording is possible up to 720p at 30 FPS! The video output is also terrific considering that this is just a phone.

Battery life is not something to write about, besides running two cores at a time with brightness that is clear and crisp, one should expect the standard charge to last barely a day. But that shouldn't bother you from getting this phone as its battery life is pretty standard when compared to recent smartphones. As said earlier, the handsome viewing area of the Atrix allows webpages to be viewed in full glory. It has a crisp feel to it and with the addition of Flash 10.1 support, the webpages loaded in a jiffy. There is an option for a lapdock, which allows your Atrix to be viewed in laptop screen. Not only that, you can simultaneously make a call while the Atrix is on the lapdock. Now that is what you call innovation! There is also an HD Multimedia dock for the Atrix 4G, which allows integration of the phone for other types of media. The Motorola Atrix 4G, is not perfect but it more than justifies its performance with standard features that will help it stay significant against the rest of the competition.


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