No Child Left Inside

15 Maret 2012

Getting out and moving around is a great way for both adults and children to get or stay healthy. Children not only discover nature's wonders in a unique way during each outing, but it is also a great way for them to avoid obesity and ailments, which derive from lack of movement. Instead of grabbing the next bag of chips and watching excessive TV, your kids will quickly get in the habit of wanting to get out and make things happen in the lap of nature. They might just have so much fun doing so that they'll want to show their kids the great outdoors one day.

How can parents make it more interesting for their kids to get out and get active?

Lead by example: If you are truly interested in the outdoors, then half the battle is won. Just be yourself, get out, and enjoy nature. Children will sense your enjoyment and will soon follow. Pretty soon, your children will be pulling YOU off the couch to jog on the moss-bedded forest path, jump from rock to rock along the stream, or simply look and listen to the sights and sounds of the surroundings while taking the daily family walk.

Offer habit and variety: Children love ritual. So do take those walks along the same path. But also offer variety. Take a bike ride on a new path, go for a swim in a different lake, or ride a pony with your children. Your children will continue to feel the warmth of the better-known "home" path. But an occasional change of pace will help expand their horizons and wake their curiosity even more.

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