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07 Mei 2009

A good project should accommodate team member trainings & holidays. But as we know during the corresponding project, the schedule was so tight, which did not give luxury for key team members to enjoy their company training. Especially during critical design-development-testing period. Now, as the global crisis storms the globe, most companies are eyeing on their expenses and looking for cut cost opportunity to lengthen their survival ability. Unfortunately, most people see training budget as the easy one to be cut. However, if you see from different angle, this crisis is just a short term effect of unfavorable situation. The world will surely find its way to bounce back. When, the time comes, the demand will surge rapidly and you will need cope with those wave to emerge stronger. To achieve that you must have all required capital including your good human resources. Depleting your employee training or even laying-off your employees are probably the easiest saving in short term. But, when the time comes, you will loose the opportunity to catch the big fish. Developing skills and building human assets are not overnight works. So, it is wiser if you use this demand slowdown to accumulate your knowledge capital within your organization or even do a review on your current strategy and how you should change it to be emerged as stronger entity in the upcoming economy recovery. This kind of time might not come twice in 10 years time, so use it wisely. Enjoy all

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