07 Mei 2009

A good LCD and Plasma TV Technology If you want to buy a new television, you have the choice between a plasma TV and LCD televisions. This technology is now available for all types of flat-screen TVs on the market. Most of your new TV can be a big problem. Therefore, here is a brief guide to LCD TVs and plasma. This guide can help you, your strengths and weaknesses of LCD TVs and plasma. What is a Plasma TV? The main components of the plasma TV is the plasma gas. Gas is cells that are electrically charged. After the voltage current through them, the plasma gas to emit light. This process is responsible for supplying photo. Plasma TVs produce brilliant color and clear as a pixel to its light spectrum. The strengths and weaknesses of the Plasma TV: High Contrast is one of the strengths of plasma TVs. High definition, because the color contrasts of superior advantages of plasma TVs. It can also display black colors in high definition. There will be no spot on the TV screen grayish on the display, even if completely dark. Therefore, you will be able to see other items that appear on the screen. If you have suggestions for quick action movie to see, racing, sports and other activities, your TV plasma screen at your choice. That is because Plasma TV can perform well in tracking rapid movement sequences. The biggest weakness is the weakness of the plasma TV screen burn-in. This problem could Sully the image on the screen constantly. But the new models with a plasma, which can create problems during combustion should be avoided. The old models of plasma TVs are still suffering from this problem. What is LCD TV? Recycling of liquid crystals is the main mechanism for the LCD TV screen. A liquid crystal is able to receive the light of the back light source. The crystals will polarize the lights thus rendering different color spectrum. This color is a million pixels, to be clearly defined and images. The advantages and disadvantages of LCD TV: You can find it, burn-in issues with LCD TV. This is very efficient because the TV produce less heat, so that the minimum of energy. There is also an anti-glare for each function of the LCD screen. So if you want to watch TV in a room light on, the LCD TV you should be the best option. However, LCD TVs have contrasting color ratio below the plasma TV. Its ability to ultra-high definition color is very limited. Rendering black is also not a strong point of LCD TV. High speed of movement quality may also suffer if the image on the LCD TV. LCD TV has less opportunity to move fast. New models however have found ways to solve this problem. Color-pixel color LCD is also subject to aging. This is the very image of the burn-in screen plasma. Therefore, if the color of the pixel LCD decreases, you can see a few patches of white or black on the screen. It can certainly be the LCD TV or plasma. This latest innovation is a TV, and I am to see the quality of the experience. However, the TV has strengths and weaknesses, and other devices. They need to know what you need to get the best high-tech TV

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