15 Mei 2009

Briefly About Marketing Many activities are particularly concerned with a company's relations with its customers - for example, market research, public relations, customer enquiries and advertising. Often these activities are grouped together under the collective term 'marketing'. Marketing is one of the three basic areas of activity in the typical industrial business. It begins by influencing the format of the product to secure maximum acceptance in the market. It also defines the prices at which and the quantities in which it should be offered in any given period to secure the maximum return to the business in the long term. It normally includes an evaluation of the market and estimates of sales, development of the marketing approach or policy, the planning and operation of the marketing function over all - internal and external - for maximising sales and for dealing with customers, all forms of promoting sales, setting budgets for the marketing activity, and the evaluation of results by reference to internal data and the results of market research.

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