Optimizing Our Site

15 Mei 2009

How To Optimizing Our Site For The Search Engines For optimizing our site for the search engines, we need to: Determine the search engines we want to focus on. These usually will be the most heavily used search engines. And then learn as much as we can about their algorithms or formulas for ranking sites. Determine the keywords and keyword phrases we want to focus on with the search engines. Allocate different keywords and keyword phrases to different pages of our Web site based on the content. Populate the respective pages of the site with the assigned keywords/keyword phrases appropriately. The keywords/keyword phrases need to be included in: the domain name or file extension for that page of the site, the page title, the text of the page, and the end of the page, in the alt tags, in the headers, in the keyword meta-tags, in the description meta-tags, and in the comments tag. Online marketers were also aware of the offsite ranking criteria that were included in the formulas and developed strategies to score high there as well. These elements included things like: link popularity, link relevancy, leyword being searched on in the text around the link, click-throughs from search results and length of stay, site traffic, length of domain registration, frequency of updates, and the Google page rank.

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