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09 Mei 2009

The Perfect Car for Your Wedding Day
If you have decided to only one machine - this car will take the bride and her father to the Church and after the ceremony to bring the newlyweds to the reception. If you have a house near the Church this may be the car to make two trips to the Church (for the brides house cleaners or mothers), but you need to discuss and confirm with the company car.
If you have decided to have two engines, the second car is usually the house cleaners, and sometimes the mother of the bride will go in the car. You need to find the car of the company who can be saved in the car is selected, if it has been more than four stretches limousine will be required.
If you are a wedding in the summer, which is related to the reservation in advance is recommended as a possible weekend days in summer are almost always booked almost a year before. If at the beginning of this book is also sure that the price to pay a deposit (usually 25%) and ensure that the car you need.
Cars company must be said, if you plan to stop the road from the church to the reception to take photos, any deviation can change the price and the engine can be booked for the event, after you so you should always be honest and face if you plan to stop. At least this way you will not be notified not have time because you do not mention that at the time of booking. Moreover, even better at the time of booking, if you need control the color that is not normal, which will provide the opportunity to buy the company?
Most companies will also provide a bottle of champagne for the prospective bridegroom and of the engine, so that after the Church have the opportunity to sit and relax with a glass of champagne together and have some time before the next day begins. The same day, make sure that someone has a phone number in case of emergency driver. If you rent a car, stretch must also ensure that there will be a margin for maneuver at home, church and reception.

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