08 Mei 2009

A goodWhat Stress? There is just no such thing as a tension-free life today. Even the rich and famous are the problems and stress, they lose money on the stock market or through a bitter divorce or the loss of someone, and they love death. Anxiety is a part of the life of every person and often do not have much to do to change this situation that has caused tensions, and almost all must work to pay bills, and everyone has family or friends who may be disappointing or even dangerous. Sometimes may be true that people do their tension and stress without even realizing it, or it may be eager to make the situation worse through their own thinking and behavior. Is an unreasonable expectation of the public? It's not unusual for people to assume that things should go the way they plan no matter what and that people should just be the way they expect. This obviously causes stress in the family, at work or with friends. Think seriously, if you do not cause problems, since you can be too easily disappointed or upset with people when it does not do what you want, when you want, how you want. Ask yourself why you think people need to answer for you, or because you think, your children and all people must be perfect. Expect or demand perfection will exert pressure for you and all the people around you too. You can also have a tendency to deal with life as a whole. If you cannot make the road or the money that one should not assume that you or others is not perfect, you create your stress overreacting or get involved in the request. This can occur with smaller events and circumstances - your vacation is not that fun to insert your week, holiday or not the image of perfection that you expect your leave to make you bitter and angry for days and weeks after you return home. Because it is too emotional or overreacting is very common with many of those who do not learn to handle disappointment well, and hope that they bring to an extreme level. About how often you feel that stress is lower - you have a wife of a small odd that difficult, but you notice that tells you not to disturb the order, or someone says something that really does not appreciate, but in not actually means. Rather than let it go you overreact and fume for days, creating stress and tension in your home and in your life. Think seriously about this and will be brutally honest with you. What you can create your own stress with the expectations and demands? In that case, try to adjust their attitudes and their thoughts on the matter. You may have to spend all this time thinking that all the people and the others must change so that you will feel less stress, but cannot be better to start with the first time!

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