31 Mei 2009

SEX and HEART disease Physical effort of sexual intercourse with spouse is comparable to climbing a flight of stairs or walking briskly. Male heart patients frequently report a reduction in frequency and satisfaction of intercourse after heart attack or heart surgery. Sexual desire may decrease, leading to inhibition of feelings and failure of erection. Some men also experience premature ejaculation. Yet, such problems do occur in as many as 40% of happily married normal couples too. A strong emotional relationship between spouses lessens the occurrence of sexual dissatisfaction after a hart attack. Relatively few studies have been carried out regarding sexual activities of female patients with heart disease. Heart patients and their spouses frequently perceive sexual intimacy as stressful or even life threatening. Their fears and doubts are often not clarified by physicians and other health care providers, who may also feel inhibited while discussing sexual matters with their patients. Majority of the patients, therefore receive little or no instructions about resuming sex after a heart attack or heart surgery. Those who are instructed frequently don't receive adequate information. Often the spouse is excluded from counselling. Without proper guidance, both patient and spouse rely on their own knowledge, myths and misconception to cope up with their unfounded fears of sexual inadequacy, impotence and death during intercourse.

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