01 Juni 2009

Sun Solaris Model Questions QUESTION NO: 1 You have Solaris Volume Manager installed on your system and want to create your first metadevices. What initial action must you take? A. Run a command to create the first stat database. B. Run a utility to add a license to enable SVM for Solaris 9. C. Run a command to initialize the configuration metadevices. D. Run the vxinstall utility to initialize the volume manager software for use. E. Create a soft partition using the -s initialize option with the appropriate command. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 2 An inexperienced administrator reports to you that they would like to see if a system is a functioning native LDAP client. You suggest that they run a command to verify that the system is configured as a native LDAP client. Which command should you suggest? A. ldaplist B. ldapclient -v C. ldapadd client D. ldapsearch client Answer: A QUESTION NO: 03 While configuring NIS on a system, you execute the command string: # domainname testlab.Region.Org.COM Which two statements about this command are true? (Choose two) A. The servers name is testlab, and it resides in the domain. B. Executing this command populates the /etc/defaultdomain file with the domain name. C. The domain name is case sensitive, and must be configured exactly as specified on this command-line. D. The domain name is the entire character string testlab.Region.Org.COM, and no DNS domain is specified. Answer: C, D QUESTION NO: 4 You have configured an NIS domain within your organization which includes 1 master server, 3 slave servers, and 30 client systems. Which two are daemons which run only on the master server? (Choose two) A. ypserv B. rpc.ypupdated C. rpc.yppassword D. ypxfr_1perday Answer: B, C QUESTION NO: 5 Given that the /etc/hostname.hme0 file exists during the boot process, which run control script would run the ifconfig command to configure the hme0 interface? A. S69inet B. S20sysetup C. S71sysid.sys D. E. Answer: E QUESTION NO: 6 Given: Lo0: flags=100849 mtu 8232 index 1 inet netmask ff000000 hme0: flags=1000863 mtu 1500 index 2 inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast ether 8:0:20:8a:74:e0 What is the MAC address? Answer: 8:0:20:8a:74:e0 QUESTION NO: 7 Your syslog configuration file contains the line: mail.debug ifdef('LOGHOST', /var/log/syslog, @loghost) Which two are correct statements about this entry? (Choose two) A. The ifdef statement is interpreted by the syslogd daemon. B. If the loghost alias is set to be the local host, messages are sent to the /var/log/syslog file. C. If the loghost alias is not set to the local host, messages are sent to the host defined as the loghost. D. If the loghost alias is set to be the local host, messages are sent to the user loghost on the local system. E. If the loghost alias is not set to the local host, messages are emailed to the root user at the host loghost. Answer: B, C

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