04 Juni 2009

Marketing Mix People need to see you, hear you, "see" you, with you, listen to or see often before to contact you or buy your products and services. Conventional wisdom says that in every 7-15 times the people who need to contact you in any way before any of their introduction. Will be very difficult to reach the entire nation, if you have a marketing tactic. That's why marketing is important, as regards the target audience and niche. If you have a marketing mix that you have enough different types of marketing tactics to reach your audience in different locations and at different times. Here are some tips to support your marketing mix notes: 1. You have at least 3-4-marketing tactics If you have a mixture of various strategies, you can not only increase the number of people affected by marketing, but also the possibility to achieve more than if you have only one activity. Some marketing tactics, you will continue to the article submission, your blog, sending a newsletter, tele-seminars scheduled, and so on. Sometimes it takes more time to see, but the results that you can not be constructed as a long reputation for providing value and quality are considered as experts, and gain visibility. Other marketing tactics that are used for specific reasons, such as the introduction of the new ebook, create a new recruitment campaign for the group to promote a Joint Venture Summit Place, with a birthday / holiday sales, etc.. 2. Make sure that the marketing tactics to work with each other Each marketing activities in the marketing mix is available as a stand-alone marketing tactics and combine with other activities. For example, you can talk seminar home TV in general, as a marketing tactic is to introduce new people to the list, the increased exposure and credibility. However, you can start the call with a new ebook and a link to the website for more information. 3. Repeat the same message several times People should not just listen a little time, but they must also be exposed to a particular message which is often good. This means that you do not send e-mail conversation about the upcoming tele-seminars - but rather to send the call 2 -3before and 1 after the call informing them of the registration. Send a press release to a small number of online sites and online PR post forums and groups, depending on your target audience. There is also no mention in the press and your blog. When you go to a marketing tactic, how it is all in the marketing mix. You want the top of the marketing mix, which can help you and your business noticed more quickly and more often.

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