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15 Juli 2009

Life sometimes make us strees because we are often in With the problem of the problems that arise in our lives, and sometimes the very problems disrupt life as we do not sleep comfortable, quality work that is not good, and so emotional, so that way we live that is quiet there are a few things, namely: 1.job well, to do their tasks in accordance with what is assigned. 2.no bring the problem to another place, finish problems without waiting time 3.no many illusion what we want karean it will only be a burden us. 4.job hard because only in this way can achieve what we want. 5.no need with think what will happen tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I do not 6.think later later because if I think later how it will encourage us to berhayal danhal can become our habit. 7.Percaya sure god and will not provide a trial that does not comply with our capacity, so we need to test any thanks 8.alaways worship to God because with ridhonya everything can happen 9.Hormati colleagues and our brother 10.no routine themselves to discuss other people. 11.Positif thinking Congratulations I hope your life trying to be quiet after implementing what you describe in the above, Thank you.

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