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13 Juli 2009

Good food Ereksi cause a massive problem for the body. Blood and interpret nutrition horomon useful. So good nutrition is the key to get sex of double. Carbohydrate, good to build the beam energy, which is essential. Sexual we need food and a variety of carbohydrate type. Pasta and bread is a source of carbohydrate. You also need to consume iron every day. Iron is a vital material in testosterone, seminal fluid and sperm water. You can find the source of this mineral from seafood, pea and lentil. Or for more praktisnya You can buy iron supplements. Hidari excess food before sex. If you have dinner together, do not eat the food from the meat and wine plus food cover, at least if you plan to have sex after dinner events. Usahan partake of food before it to have sex so that the process of digestion is running perfectly. The Right Position In position to have sex where the man who is in the top - such as the missionary position and doggy-style to give more benefits to the men, because this position and drive the flow of blood to give ereksi a durable and strong. So do not do a position where the top women in the early session on the sexual relationship. Want gravitasinya kick out of the flow of blood ereksi you. The position of women also makes control over the movement, so also, and this can make the man lost control on a better penetration. Hold order for reducing the sensitivity Lama Classical way to reduce excess sensitivity is to use a condom. But if you do not want to use a condom when performing intimate relationship with a partner, you can try other ways. Occasionally remove P from Mr Ms V akan feel when you reach climax. This trick is useful to switch your mind smile to avoid ejakulasi too early, but did not reduce the strength ereksi. Organize Your Medicine The Go Medium Treatment for some diseases such as depersi, social phobia, OCD, and restlessness at this time normally used by doketr. however, treatment such as this can cause difficulty ereksi. If you consume this kind of medication, consult with your doctor to make sure you do not get a prescription excessive, resulting in death your sexual life. Save Power Do not make yourself tired in the beginning of the session when performing intimate relationship. Disesi tired too early can lead to ereksi so soft. So you measure the strength of Bats. Please do not panicky Neurotic and twitchy it can make you become ereksi. Unfortunately, sex is often associated with the results of the discomfort, if it related to a negative body image. Such as when you first make a sexual relationship with a partner, you have certainly be fidgetiness. Should find ways to make yourself feel comfortable if you feel nervous when want perform sexual desire. Exercise Do stomach exercises. This movement has a share in the stomach muscles help you maintain ereksi. In addition, the body postures of self confidence the more you grow. Selian stomach exercise, you can also perform kegel exercise for Mr P. Although this is not proven to increase size, but can help maintain ereksi lasts longer. Drinking And Smoking Do not Beralkohol overdelivery Smoking makes the blood circulation so bad, and when you want to do sexual relationship, it is necessary that the blood flow smoothly. So if you want the life of sex, which is always hot, this is a strong reason to stop the smoking habit. Drinking too much alcohol also affect your Prostate. Any prescription, actual patterns of living healthy will also provide extraordinary ability in your sexual life. Happy trying!

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