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20 Juli 2009

The following are the people who succeed in business so hopefully Internet inspiration for us all: 1. -Markus Frind - $ 300,000(Rp.3 Billion) Per month If you have never heard the name of this person, then please go to his website at he is the person who created the website for free online dating services from apartments alone. not long after the website became one of the Online Dating Website largest.. 2. Kevin Rose - - $ 250,000 (Rp 2.5 billion) Per Month Kevin Rose started Digg in December founded in 2004, this digg is social marketing sites which most of its content is news, videos and pictures.. disubmit by the usernya to the other user to read and see.. basically after you register on this site, you can mensubmit news you and other people will read your news, and if they like the news with you, they will perform "Ocean" with the news so you will be rating the better, and can only go to the first page of the answer there.. nah, if already in the first page so that there is... BLASTING TRAFFIC 3. Jeremy Schoemaker - $ 140,000 (Rp.1.4 billion) per month ShoeMoney can be considered as one of the world's best internet marketers, this person is very great problem in the Search Engines and SEO course. he also knows how to do settings on its website to obtain the optimal traffic, once in a month to get him a check for $ 132,994.97. Try to imagine how difficult it withdraw a number of the check! But not like other Publisher, he is getting the amount of the Hundreds of Thousands of Sites and Domains 4. Jason Calacanis - weblogs, Inc.. - $ 120,000 (Rp.1.2 billion) per month He is the Creator of weblogs, weblogs is a network of blogs and think about at this time he can generate $ 4000 per day from Google Adsense, then he sold the company to AOL for $ 25Million. However, he announced his retreat from the blogging world in the middle years of the July 2008, he now only focus on the Email Campaigns 5. David Miles Jr.. & Kato$ 100,000(Rp.1 billion) per month According to the article from the Washington Post, couples aged 20 years in this claim could result in $ 100,000 per month from Google Adsense through their site, which provides a template or layout for Myspace.. at this time a lot of sites that provide this kind of template for Myspace 6. Tim -$ 30,000 (IDR 300 Million Only) per month Tim Carter is a plumber and a carpenter with own radio program, he started building the website in 1995 with the objective to serve the penggemarnya.. In April 2004Carter learn adsense and start installing on the site, with a little website optimization can he increase his income from $ 1.500menjadi $ 7500. 7. Joel Comm - e-book - $ 24,000(IDR 240 Million only) per month Joel Comm.. who does not know, many internet marketers and bloggers who consider him as a teacher or specialist adsense adsense.. writing ebook titled What Google Never told you About Making Money with Adsense. with the e-book and his website he has about $ 23,458.46 between november 2005hingga December 2005. Check Stats Here he Adsense 8. Shawn - $ 10,000 (Rp 100 Million Only) per month Shawn Hogan is the founder of DigitalPoint's forum, a forum that contains a lot of information about the Search Engine, Marketing, Business, Design and development and also about the products and services. According to the article from the New York Times he produced about $ 10.000per month from Google Adsense Member of the Forum is a risky venture that he has doubled from the amount. Quote above from various sources

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