Hoby and business

18 Juli 2009

1. Are you willing to do something that repeated continuously? Required to do something repeatedly in the both of very different activities with the recreation Hobby or without pressure and without the target business. Of course if you want to change your hobby into a business, you should be ready with the consequences of this. 2. Is your hobby to be quite valuable business? Do not just think your enjoyment only. Do before making your hobby into a business. If you find that less profitable prospects, should not imposed 3. Is your hobby can keep you motivated in run the business until the 15-20 years? Real challenges in the business that comes from hobby is how to make a hobby remains challenging, interesting and meaningful as in the business 15-20 years. For that, a list of things The most interesting and challenging for you. Then set one or two ideas that most potential to motivate you in running a business. 4. Do you still enjoy them even though akan Soon you will be required if the paper or 10000 do you like hundreds of times each year, whether you akan still enjoy your hobby? Basically, it does not have to make the wrong hobby into business. The only matangkan concept, do market research design and business plan before running it. Other important things is to have knowledge of how market your business both offline and online. Because without the right marketing, people who do not have akan buy your products. Find the best places to learn. For example, website as a guide business that is well is the best place for those of you who want to get knowledge of internet marketing. With us you will learn how to make Hobi become a business!

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