05 Juli 2009

1. Alexa Traffic Get lot of site traffic! Alexa basically ranking fame a website. Beginning idea from alexa rank determines website which that has traffic at most with assumption, many traffic = popularity, 2. Alexa Toolbar Use browser that toolbar alexa installed can increase ranking your website/blog. But not only that, every website that visited use browser where Alexa toolbar installed also get "value" that be calculated in ranking. 3. Alexa Widget Use Alexa site stat widget at website. Alexa site stat this contain javascript that store every visitor data (ping) to server Alexa so that statistics Alexa be accurateer. Just copy paste. Not necessary shy use alexa widget if your statistic still in bad rank. 4. Alexa Content Write content about Alexa at your blog/website. Webmaster and blogger like manners to increase Alexa rank. Yach... may be such as those which read this time 5. Update your blog/website regularly With regularly update your blog/site that will make search engine indexing more pages from your blog/website. So, it will make influence in your Alexa 6. Alexa typically allows you to view 4 different default date spans: 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years By manipulating the URL directly, you can modify that to whatever you want, down to 2 days or all the way up to 4 years. To do this, simply go to the graph you want to see using one of Alexa's default time spans, and then modify the part of the URL that looks like this: traffic_details?&range=3m In this range parameter, "d" = day, "m" = month and "y" = year. Replacing "&range=3m" with "&range=8d" will cause the graph to span for 8 days. How to get included in Alexa's hierarchical directory 7. By suggesting other links for your website, that causes them also to be considered related links to other websites. To suggest related links for your own website, use the Suggestion Tool. How to update the thumbnail image Alexa has for your site To update the thumbnail that Alexa has for your site, just add your domain to the end of this URL:

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