Tips to improve PageRank

07 Juli 2009

Tips to improve PageRank: PageRank is the importance of representation by a website google. You can see the ranking of your website with the google toolbar (do search "google toolbar" on Some ways to improve PageRank: * A site with high PageRank that usually has many sites that go to the site. So a good site, for example,, of many other sites that have links to the This will increase the PageRank of The more links from other sites, google think your site more important. Many parties are trying to do tricks by creating many illegal links to your website. Do not do that, because google will find out sooner or later. * Make an article or a good business. When the article or your business well, will be a lot of people who will put your website link with home voluntary. For example if the website you have news an artist, the website may akan put your website link on the page that tells the news perselingkuhan can be read on your site. * Submit your page on search engine directories. Search engine directories are a good way to get a link to your page. Sample Search engine directories

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