What is a Website?

16 Juli 2009

Here is a brief review on the website Website is a page of information that is provided through the internet so that can be accessed around the world connected with the Internet network. Website is komponent or a collection of components that consist of text, images, sound, animation, so is the media more information of interest to visit. In general, the website can be grouped into 3 sections, namely: Static Website Dynamic Website Interactive Website Static website is a web page that has not changed. Means is to make changes to a page is done manually by editing the code into the structure of the website. Dynamic Website is the website of the structure used to update as often as possible. Usually, in addition to the main which can be accessed by users in general, also provided a page to edit the backend of the website content. Typical examples of dynamic website is a web news portal or website that there are facilities news, polls and so forth. Interactive web site that is at this time are indeed booming. One example is the interactive website blogs and forums. In this website the user can interact and compete arguments about what they thought to be. Usually have a website as a moderator to set the topic be discussed so that does not exit path.

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