Good Eats For Vegans AndVegetarians

06 April 2010

Food is usually part of the adventure of going
onvacation in exotic locations such as Barbados.
From quaint Barbados small hotel restaurants
tolocal eateries in different towns, food can
beobtained easily, and enjoyed immensely
becauseof the fact that the local cuisine is the
best way to getto know a culture. However, this
is always the case notnecessarily because some
peoplechoose to restrict their diets out of
principle, belief, health, and so on. Since a lot of
people are becoming more healthconscious
nowadays, the vegetarian and vegandiets are no
longer uncommon. However, traveling with
such diets can be challenging if onedoes not
know where to look for the right kind of
ofdishes. Luckily for Barbados vacationers,
theisland is no stranger to healthy eating
lifestyles. "here are some of the best restaurants,
eateriesand stores that catered to people who
live byvegetarian and vegan diets for those who
desire more casual dining or faststops, these are
the places that come highlyrecommended: (1)
Jenn's health and Beauty-this is a health
foodstore located on the left hand side opposite
RBTTBank in Bridgetown. The fun fact is that it is
agrocery store, book store and café in one.
Since itserves food beginning at 7: 30 AM, it is
perfect forvisitors looking for a good, healthy
breakfast aftergetting some early exercise. They
serve yummytreats like veggie sausages and
tofu scramble. From 11 in the morning, Jenn's
starts servingvarious Bajan dishes like soups and
stews a, so on .be informed that seating is the
main challengesince it is quite popular (2) Indian
Grill – this restaurant is located just onthe tip of
Bridgetown and is in Baystreet. Theirroti is their
best you and patrons claim that it isone of the
few places who get the taste andtexture just
right. Here, they make 14 differenttypes of roti,
both for vegan or vegetarians, andmeat eaters.
(3) Bubba's Sports bar: Strictly speaking,
thissports bar in Worthing, Christ Church is not
avegetarian or vegan place. It is a regular place
thatserves regular food with meat, cheese! —
you name it. However, it is home to one of
theisland's best veggie burgers. Made out of
freshvegetables, they serve the patty with fries
and amemorable tasty sauce that makes the
diningexperience truly remarkable. There would
be visitors who prefer self-cateringvacations in a
Barbados small hotel or apartmenthotel and
cook their own food. The best places tobuy
ingredients for vegan or vegetarian dishesare: (1)
Super Centre – This grocery store
carriesmajority of the common ingredients
necessaryfor vegan and vegetarian dishes. It is
basically anAmericanized establishment and
practically haseverything you can find overseas
except for ‘ tempeh '. They sell basic brands for
these diets aswell as fresh organic produce like
mangoes. (2) Pricesmart – a lot of people are
familiar withthis place and it is a membership
only grocerystore. Located in St. and is 2
minutesaway from Super Centre, the inBarbados
features a great Pricesmart roti place and
arestaurant that conveniently serve vegan
options andvegetarian. There are a lot more
establishments scatteredaround the island. The
best way to find outwhere these places are is to
consult the locals or lookthem up on the Internet

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