What Is An InternetMarketing System?

06 April 2010

An internet Marketing system that is set
upproperly and often maintained will allow you
toattract people to your business or website to
saveyou time, energy, money and stress.Did
you know that's what a system is?S SavesY
YourselfS StressT TimeE EnergyM MoneyEvery
business should have something like this inplace.
Most do. That's why they are still INbusiness!
The ones that don't may have an "Outof
Business" sign on their door right now.An
internet marketing system will give you andyour
business leverage by implementingtechniques
and strategies to bring people to YOU!!An
internet marketing system allows you to
getyourself or your business in front of the 1.5
Billionpeople that use the internet EVERYDAY!!
Imaginewhat you can do with your income if
you knowhow to do this properly!Let's look at
some of the components that comewith an
internet marketing system.1. Websites. Most
people don't know how tocreate their own
website and therefore have tohire someone to
do it for them. Websites areNOT cheap! A good
system will already have thisin place to save you
time, stress, energy andmoney.
2.Autoresponders. This is a very
crucialcomponent in your system. This will
allow youto have conversations with people
throughemails to build value in your products
andservices. This also works really well if
someonedoesn't like to talk to people on the
phone whichwill save you time, stress, energy
and money.
3. Education. You have to stay
educated with allthe rapid changes taking place
on the internetthese days and staying educated
will keepyourself on top of your business. Many
internetmarketing systems will have their own
"backoffice" that provides up-to-date education
andtraining that saves you time, stress, energy
4. Community and Support. A well
establishedinternet marketing system will have a
communityof others helping each other out with
theirbusiness. Some may refer to it
asmasterminding. In your business, there are
goingto be "newbies" and experts and if you
have thisin place with your system, you will
save yourselftimes, stress, energy and
5. Automation and technology. This is
animportant component also. This will allow
yoursystem sort through the people who are
seriousor just plain tire kickers who will waste
you time,increase your energy and stress and
may costyou some money. This is an invaluable
asset toyour business because the ever
changingtechnologies help you to shorten of
eveneliminate learning curves.
6. Passive/residual
income. An internetmarketing system should
have this set up foryou to allow you to think
"outside of the box" tocreate ways to make a
passive or residualincome. This is what most
people are mostexcited about in the online
business industry -Making money when you are
NOT working!!
7. Your Brand. Systems that have
this in placeallow you to create your own brand.
Some referto it as "YOU INC". An internet
marketing systemwill show you how to
separate yourself fromyour competition by
showing you more creativeways attracting
people. What it comes down tois: Being with a
Creative mind instead of aCompetitive mind

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