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10 Juli 2009

Ways used by the blogger to get a reliable money on the internet, namely income (income) directly and income (income) is not direct. Included in the following categories of income directly: 1. Blog that sell your services, for example, offer consultation in the site, lawyers, training (trainning), an event, etc.. 2. Write and sell an ebook, book or any of the resources useful. 3. Creating areas of membership (membership), if you have a special focus on people who may be willing to pay to join the community. If you do not have the ability to get the money directly so I will offer a second way is easier. You provide enough space (space) on the blog ad. Each ad in the tide on your blog visitors to click on it you will get paid. Here are some ways you can do to earn money in the blog are not directly: 1. Affiliate Marketing: You task is recommended, or are willing to affect visitors to purchase products offered by the company afiliansi. For example, you recommend a book about the company, e-bay, etc.-to blog visitors. 2. Join the company advertise goolge like Adsense, Bidvitser, Adbrite or Adsense, such as local,,, etc..

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