The characteristics of the people we love With

12 Juli 2009

The characteristics of the people we love With Heartfelt! 1. People who love you will never be able to give reasons why he loves you, he eye know you only have one it ². 2. People love you always accept you as is, you always eye the beatyfull /handsome even though you may feel you have weight loss you feel over-or overweight. 3. People love you alaway I want to know about you, whatever you walk throughout this day, he wanted to do the activities you. 4. People who love you will send sms like "good morning" " " "good night", even if you do not reply to a message 5. If you repeat the year and invites you not at least he will say goodbye to a phone or send sms. 6. People who love you will always remember every incident that he walk with you, even events that you may already own every forget the details, because at that time is something of value for it. 7. People always remember the love you each talk you might even say that you own talks never forget something. 8. People who love you will learn the songs you favorite, maybe even borrow a CD / cassette you, because he wanted to do you favorite,favorite also. 9. If the last time you met, you are sick flu, sprained, or have a toothache, a few days later he will send a sms or call you and are asking.. because he worry. 10. If you will face the test he will ask when the test is when the day arrived and he will send a sms "good luck" or call you to encourage you. 11. People who love you will own an item that might make you something that is normal, but it is an item that made him special. 12. People who love you will be speechless moment, while speaking be with you, that ye be sad at that time he felt very nervous because you have the world. 13. People love you always want to be nearyou and you want to spend days. 14. If at any time you have to move to another city to the other time he would give advice that you alert to the environment that can bring bad influence to you. 15. People love you acted more like brothers rather than as a sweetheart. 16. People often do you love the incompetent is call 100x a day, or begin the night because he call you or send sms. because at that time he is thinking about you. 17. People love you and sometimes love do it that make you mad or irritated, when you makes you subject to the actions he will not apologize and I do so again. 18. If you ask for something he read with the patient even though you may bad eople in the world! 19. If you see the mobile phone is the name it caparison is big "INBOX" .Ya he still save you a message from the message that even though you already tell since moon even yard ago. 20. And if you react or avoid the rejection, he will realize it and disappeared from you life even though it killed his heart. Because he is just you happy. 21. If at any time you want to want and gave him the opportunity he will have it because there never find another person. Yes............ he always .

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