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12 Juli 2009

1. Drinking lots of water - 10glasses each day - will help keeping you healthy. Create a plan for the success of this program: take 1 bottle of mineral water to the office, spend up to one bottle at lunch, then fill it again and spend the afternoon until 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock in the afternoon to spend a third bottle. In addition, many foods are rich in contents of water, such as orange, grape, watermelon and apples. Eating food while working, in addition to a healthy you also help keep your hydrate. 2. Snack provided at your workplace friend table can add thousands of calories, if not careful it will be harmful to your diet, and increase body weight. So if you know someone or have a chocolate mint on mejanya, surround the table is your friend to dissociate themselves from the scandal, so the dentist suggested in American Dietetic Association. A short break, take long breath, and remove the desire to eat sweet food. If you're hungry, it is better to take stock of fruit from home. 3. One the most important you can do to stay healthy and slim sport. Walk at lunch is a good idea to meet the needs of this one. The walk is not only burn calories, but it can ease stress and refreshing. 4. Eat a healthy lunch food is an essential part of balanced diet. But eat a reasonable portion is an important part in maintaining your health. So in addition to eat healthy food, also note the portion of your meal, do not eat up too much and then just sit in a chair throughout the evening or do not eat too pulan little less Feed to your nutrition. 5. Tension neck syndrome (TNS) or pain in the neck can occur when musculature bagain top of the neck and shoulder is not right, or wrong position in a long time, so according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. This is usually experienced by workers on duty, receive the phone almost all day or during the typing for hours. 6. Tips that often we do hear is a holiday. Indeed, in fact, make a holiday is very useful to ease themselves from the occupation, also help recharge the battery''you''. Holidays are also useful to reduce stress and make your mind stop working, especially if you have a conflict, as when you have a problem with the boss, colleagues or project that you do. Stress can berimbas on health, such as weakened immune sisitem pain and increase the risk. Thus, reducing the stress level is the core permasalahnnya, and only the most efficacious for maslaah this is a holiday, so clearly the president Business Psychology Consulting. 7. Tension of the other problems caused too old to sit in front of the computer. Eyes can cause tension headaches, trouble focusing, and increase sensitivity to the light, so the experts from the University of California. So it is if you can not read any posts on the screen of your computer remotely, it is better to expand the size of letters. 8. Another way to maintain health in the workplace is to avoid out time longer. Can people focus on the task of each and try to complete the project. But they do not realize that it affects health, so the persiden Business Consulting Psychology. The workers are usually hard to realize when a new experience in high-stress, which affect mood and their relationship. Stress of this kind are usually caused by a condition that is too tired. Fatigue can also affect the immune system a person, so puladapat cause sleep disturbance or disruption of concentration. 9. Keyboart, mouse and a normal phone you can use a nest of thousands of bacteria that to make your clear drugs with anti-bacteria. According to Science Daily, researchers at the 100th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology reported that the virus can survive for long hours to spend a day in the rough surface. 10. What is most important for you to do so remain healthy in the workplace? According to the Business Psychology Consulting, the most important steps to maintain health in the workplace is a self-awareness. Knowing yourself and you have a limit. Know when your time of rest and take a holiday at the time. And do not forget sport, which have proven to help physically and mentally, to do when in office and at home.

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